About us

Kelvin Hopkins
Founder and
Managing director

An introduction from the company’s founder

I have established The Professional Fundraiser as a specialist in door-to-door donor recruitment, an agency with a shared passion for fundraising together with an unrivalled commitment to reducing attrition and increasing a charity’s return on investment.

As an associate member of the Institute of Fundraising and a member of the PFRA we abide to the Face-To-Face Activity Code Of Fundraising Practice and in doing so ensure the use of only sensitive fundraising techniques; thereby protecting the integrity and reputation of the Charity, as well as aiding the future retention of donors.

It is not only the Charity that we are committed to; the same duty of care applies equally to every member of The Professional Fundraiser team.

So as a client, or as a valued member of our organisation, I hope that we prove ourselves to you as an innovative company whose standards and professionalism are second to none.

Managing Director