Our services

Door-to-door fundraising

Working throughout the UK we can provide a complete solution to meet your door-to-door fundraising needs. For each fundraising campaign, we will:

  • Arrange all permits and contact with the local authorities
  • Leave the donor with a welcome pack and a positive impression about the Charity
  • Provide a dedicated free phone donor helpline for all enquiries
  • Contact new donors to thank them for their gift and to provide quality assurance
  • Validate the donor’s bank details and send the advance notice for direct debit

Each of our fundraisers are selected by our own in-house recruitment team, trained to match the right candidate with the right charity. In fact, it is our intention to retain the fundraiser with the same charity throughout their time working with us, therefore allowing the fundraiser to feel a real passion and affiliation with the cause rather than fundraising for multiple varying organisations.

All of our fundraisers are trained beyond the minimum level expected by the Charity and are encouraged to further enhance their knowledge, enabling them to answer any questions that a member of the public may have. It is this extensive knowledge combined with true passion for the cause that allows our fundraisers to have a very open and non-scripted conversation with every potential donor they meet.

It is unfortunate that not every conversation results in a regular gift, but you can be assured that a positive impression and promotion of the Charity’s activities have always been given.